Battle Nations

Wreak havoc on your enemies!

Battle Nations features a hilarious story and memorable cast of characters. Play missions and grow the power of your army. Fight other players in tactical, interactive turn-based combat. Collect 200+ unique units and optimize your battle formations, taking direct control of your army in battle. Play one of the best ranked, turn-based, combat strategy games, with over half-a-billion gameplay sessions and counting!


  • Take direct control of units in strategic combat - optimize battle formations, attack order, and deployment of special abilities.
  • Collect over 200 unique units - level them up and maximize their power. 
  • Join Guilds to form powerful alliances - compete for amazing prizes. 
  • Battle other players worldwide.
  • Experience a hilarious, war-time story with over 500 missions.
  • Build a powerful, impenetrable city - defend it from invading players. 
  • Regular events and constant new content.
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Battle Nations is freemium done well, offering more entertainment for your download than most of its competition -
This game has a great look to it.. and it's roster of characters are well-written and even sometimes genuinely funny -
Remember when games had phenomenal plots, wonderful witty dialog, and fantastic art? Well this game will take you back there. Play it, love it, and reminisce about the glorious good old days - The Ghost of Gaming Past


Wreak havoc on your enemies!

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