Race online with friends and rivals!

Race against friends and foes in Z2's 3D racer: Nitro. Pick your ride, enhance its look and performance with upgrades, then turn on the Nitro! Choose to take on other players in Real-Time Multiplayer, challenge your friends to a 1-on-1 through Game Center, or beat Nitro's own set of devious drivers; the Rivals.


  • Unique 3D racing experience in original environments.
  • Real-Time 6-Player Multiplayer.
  • Choose from a garage full of highly distinctive, stylized cars.
  • Customize your ride with superchargers, exhausts, body kits, and spoilers.
  • Dominate Nitro's campaign, the Rival Circuit, and beat the top drivers in the Nitro world!
  • Challenge your Friends in Real-Time Head-to-Head races.
  • Improve your skills in Time Trials.
  • Upgrade your car to reach new levels of performance.
  • Personalize your ride with unique paint jobs.
  • Drift around tight turns and earn bonus Speed Boosts for skilled execution.
  • Use Nitrous to boost your way through visually unique and challenging tracks.
  • Collect cash and materials to upgrade your cars, apply paint jobs, and more.
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Race online with friends and rivals!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

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